Homeowners' workshop

Our homeowners' workshop has been designed to start your project on the right foot giving you a clear idea of what lies ahead without any formal commitment.

We run workshops on a regular basis and they always take place in our office in Hampton.

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What you will get:

  • a private 3 hours meeting with a fully certified RIBA Chartered Architect
  •  a clear and structured explanation of a typical design process for residential projects
  • an informal chat about your project including some initial design suggestions
  • some reference images to inspire you in terms of architecture, interior and lighting design




    Core topics covered:

    • the different design stages, from concept design to construction
    • the role of the architect within the design process and the various consultants involved including structural engineers and quantity surveyors
    • how to obtain planning approval
    • what is building control and how to get the green light
    • party wall agreements
    • how to find the right contractor

    What you need to provide before the workshop:

    • as much information as possible regarding your property in particular full address, plans and photographs
    • a short description of your ambitions